Sound Plan

Sound Plan by Acoustics Hellas

SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise and air pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics. Comprehensive studies involving any size areas and multiple sources an be completed efficiently and cost effectively using this modeling software. 

SoundPLAN is a three dimensional graphics oriented program. It hosts a digitizer interface and can import bitmaps to digitize the plan. It produces color plots and tabulations of the input data and results. SoundPLAN also includes a wall/barrier design optimization utility and an industrial noise control module. Graphic displays help to visualize the benefits of noise control measures in terms of cost vs. noise level reduction. SoundPLAN is the the only integrated software system that models interior noise levels, sound transmission through building walls, sound propagation into the environment, and allows interactive optimization of noise control measures.

Now Available: SoundPlan essential 

SoundPLAN essential is based on a completely revised and simplified user interface. At the same time it in inovates the power of the original SoundPLAN calculation core, which is used world wide for the fast calculation of even big data sets. The program is designed for standard applications and is only using a minimum of settings, compared to it’s ‘big brother’. For this reasons it is easy to use and even acoustical newbie’s will find there way.

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