Noise Baffles

Noise Baffles by Acoustics Hellas

Noise Baffles are used to reduce reverberation and reduce noise in nearly every noisy situation, from compressor rooms and recording studios, to computer rooms, punch presses, churches and gymnasiums. Hanging Baffles are especially ideal for big indoor areas with hard surfaces, such as gyms, manufacturing areas, food processing plants, auditoriums, indoor swimming pools etc. Virtually every type of interior space needs some type of acoustical control to ensure the comfort and safety of the people who will spend time there. Noise Control Baffles are suspended from horizontal or vertical wires below the ceiling or from the structure near the noise source. Actual room noise reduction can be up to 10 dB depending on the configuration of the space and the absorption present before installing baffles. Baffles are available to meet USDA and FDA approved requirements for food processing plans.