Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors by Acoustics Hellas

Acoustic doors are an essential component in providing a room that is well insulated acoustically. Doors and door-frames are often the weakest links in sound transmission from and into the room. Acoustic doors are typically constructed from multiple layers of a variety of materials. The different layers contribute to the attenuation of sound effectively giving the incident sound waves more barriers to pass. These layers are called Acoustic Impedance, which refers to its ability to withstand and often reflect a certain amount of incident sound energy, thereby reducing the volume of sound passing through the door. Acoustic Hellas range of acoustic doors have been selected for their consistent high performance in different environments, their suitability for a range of impedance requirements, and their ability to comply with increasing demands. With laboratory tested sound ratings ranging from 35 dB and up to high performance 55dB acoustic doors, in either single or double composition, or available in compliance with fire ratings, we can supply the right doors for every project.